Over 100 years of combined commercial, industrial, and OTR tire service experience.

Tire Sales

Our commercial tire center handles a broad range of truck, bus, passenger, forestry, and OTR tires. As the largest privately owned Goodyear commercial tire center in Mississippi, we carry a wide array of Goodyear, Kelly, and Dunlop truck tires. We are also an authorized Michelin and BF Goodrich commercial tire dealer. To complement our many lines of new tires, we also carry a broad array of Goodyear UniCircle, Michelin, and Bandag retreads.

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The direct line for our tire service is (601) 649-3062.
We are always glad to help.

Tire Service

Following in the service traditions set forth by our parent company, Burroughs Diesel, Inc., we believe in offering a superior service at a reasonable price. With two tire service trucks, two OTR service trucks, and over 100 years of combined tire service experience, we can handle any tire-related problem you may encounter.

We are the only commercial tire center in our area to handle OTR and forestry mounts/dismounts, and section repairs. We have service men on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to ensure your equipment is operational.

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The direct line for our tire service  is (601) 649-3062.
We are always glad to help.

Wheel Refurbishing

Truck wheel assemblies are exposed to a lot of harsh punishment. As the miles build up, so do rust And corrosion. Lug nuts shake loose over time. A blowout or a wheel-off can be both frightening and dangerous.

Wheel refinishing, when done correctly, reduces wheel deterioration caused by rust and corrosion and allows early identification of cracks or other damage which may require a wheel to be taken out of Service. Loose lug nut indicators are another valuable early-warning system that can extend wheel

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The direct line for wheel refurbishing is (601) 649-3062.
We are always glad to help.

Tire Press

Here at Burroughs Tire Inc., we have a portable tire press that allows us to travel to the customer’s location to install a wide variety of solid rubber tires. The tire press uses a hydraulic press for the installation of solid tires that cannot be changed with conventional hammers and bars. The press is also equipped with an air compressor that allows for air tools such as air impact guns and air/hydraulic jacks to be used. Solid rubber tires are common on most forklifts in an industrial application, as compared to pneumatic tires. Solid tires ensure less down time and longer tire life. The tire press is a vital part of our business here at Burroughs Tire that allows us to accommodate a wide variety of industrial services.

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The direct line for our tire service  is (601) 649-3062.
We are always glad to help.

Authorized Brands We Carry
Goodyear Tires available at Burroughs Companies
Kelly Tires available at Burroughs Companies
Michelin Tires available at Burroughs Companies
BF Goodrich Tires available at Burroughs Companies
Hankook available at Burroughs Companies
RoadShine Tires
Uniroyal Tires


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