We are one of the few truly “One Stop” shops in the southeast for heavy duty truck sales and service.

For over 40 years

Burroughs Companies provides a multitude of services in one location, from general body shop repair to section repairs, heavy duty machinery and forestry mounts/dismounts. Burroughs strives to offer superior service at a reasonable price.

About Burroughs Companies

What is now Mississippi’s premier truck sales and service center began when Robert Burroughs dreamed of a better life. Robert’s father was an auto mechanic who worked out of a small shop next to the family home. At an early age, Robert demonstrated a high degree of mechanical aptitude, and was encouraged by his father to help him in the shop after school. These early days working alongside his father were instrumental in what would become a career. This time also taught Robert there had to be a way of capitalizing on his mechanical abilities, other than working on automobiles.

Burroughs Companies in the Seventies

Early 70’s

In the early 70’s, Robert moved to Jackson, Miss., to explore other opportunities that would suit his technical skills. He immediately found a job at Peterbilt Motor Company and worked his way from mechanic to foreman to service manager and, eventually, to the general manager. However, even with great success, he knew he could accomplish more.

Burroughs Companies

Late 70’s & Early 80’s

In the 80’s, Robert moved back to his hometown, Laurel, Miss., and bought industrial land to start the process of building his own general repair facility now known as Burroughs Companies. Not long after establishing his business, an economic storm hit; interest rates went through the roof, and money became tighter. At that time, he made the promise to himself and his employees that, if they were to overcome the economic downturn, he would begin to take steps to diversify the business.

Burroughs Companies in the Nineties

Late 90’s & Early 2000’s

In the late 90’s, Robert expanded Burroughs Companies to include several new business units. In the midst of creating his “one stop shop,” he had the privilege of taking over Blue Bird School Bus franchise, while also signing a commercial agreement with Goodyear. To this day, Burroughs partners with Western Star Trucks, Blue Bird School Buses, and Goodyear Commercial Tires.

Burroughs Companies


Burroughs Companies remains a family business and is owned by Robert, with his nephew, Michael Burroughs, overseeing the day-to-day operations.

Our Commitment

Burroughs Companies’ success is attributed to the commitment we have to our customers, treating everyone with the utmost respect, while providing unparalleled services. We strive daily to do the right thing, even if it costs us, as a company, more in the end. We believe doing what is right by the customer will always come back to benefit us in the long run.

We Proudly Represent
Western Star available at Burroughs Companies
Detroit Diesel available at Burroughs Companies
Cummins available at Burroughs Companies
Catapillar available at Burroughs Companies
Eaton Fuller Transmission Parts available at Burroughs Companies
Meritor available at Burroughs Companies

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