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Burroughs Diesel

In 1978 Burroughs Diesel, Inc. opened as a repair facility for the both heavy duty truck and industrial equipment industry. For over 30 years we have been fortunate to service the many different industries in south Mississippi and south Alabama. In 1989 Burroughs Diesel was chosen to represent Western Star trucks in south Mississippi for both sales and service. As a result of this partnership Burroughs Diesel is an authorized repair and warranty center for most of today’s top heavy duty truck component manufacturers.

We are proud to represent companies such as Western Star, Detroit Diesel, Mercedes Benz, Caterpillar, Cummins, Eaton/Fuller, and Meritor just to name a few. We offer many specialized services here at Burroughs Diesel, including frame straightening, Total Axle alignment, and down draft spray booth paint systems. We recently installed a new Taylor Chassis Dynamometer. This dyno is the newest and most advanced piece of dyno equipment in the Southeast. We are one of the few truly “One Stop” shops in the southeast for heavy duty truck sales and service.

Truck Service

We are very proud of our service department, and we truly believe they are the best in the industry! From truck engines to wheel seals, these guys can handle it all. With over 300 years of combined experience, there is not much we have not seen. Our technicians are all factory trained on all of the latest equipment, and when combined with practical experience, it makes them hard to beat!

We are very pleased to be an authorized service provider for the following quality products: Western Star Trucks, Detroit Diesel, Mercedes Benz, Caterpillar, Cummins, Eaton/Fuller, Arvin Meritor, and Blue Bird school busses. In addition to the services we provide at our location, we also offer road side and field service. We run 5 service trucks to tackle any problems you may encounter while on the road or on the job.

Feel free to contact us if you need assistance. The direct line for our service department is (601) 399-4517. We are always glad to help.

Body Shop

Burroughs Diesel is proud to operate one of the largest truck body shop in the southeast. We offer complete rebuild capabilities at one location. Our body shop technicians are trained to put your truck in like new condition.

The Hunter Total Axle alignment center, Bee Line frame machine, and reverse flow downdraft spray booth give us the necessary tools to perform all major repairs. Our collision specialist can replace your entire cab, repair your damaged one. We are factory direct with Dupont and have the ability to mix our own paint. The combination of our well trained staff in conjunction with the proper equipment certainly gives us a decided advantage over our competition.

Industrial Blasting & Coating

With our 5,000 square foot covered and lighted blasting area, we can blast in any weather! Our facility is large enough to handle anything from a utility trailer to a rig derrick. In addition to the room necessary to handle large pieces, we also have the equipment necessary to maneuver them. Our 30 ton crane and numerous front end loaders enable us to move pieces easily form the blasting area into the coating buildings. We have years of experience blasting and coating oilfield equipment for all applications including offshore drilling.

Chassis Dynamometer Service

We have recently added a new Taylor TD-36 Chassis Dynamometer to compliment our wide array services. With this state of the art diagnostic equipment we can accurately measure how much horsepower and torque your truck is putting to the ground. In today’s tucking environment the Federal Emission standards are constantly changing, and with these changes come challenging diagnostic problems. This piece of equipment allows us to accurately determine the root cause of your problem and make the right repair the first time.

With today’s ever escalating fuel cost, everyone is becoming more and more aware of the need to monitor fuel consumption. In addition to measuring horsepower, torque, and other performance issues, the fuel analyzer will measure your fuel burn to the exact once. This takes the guess work out all of your questions about fuel consumption. This can also be an important aide in spotting potential fuel related issues.

Oilfield Service

Burroughs Diesel has a long history of oilfield service experience. When Burroughs Diesel opened it’s doors for business way back in 1978 the oilfield was the dominant industry in south Mississippi, and Burroughs Diesel quickly established a reputation of dedicated service. Over 30 years later we are proud to continue to serve the oilfield industry.

We are pleased to have the most experienced technicians in the industry handling our customers concerns. Our dedicated technicians travel all over the south handling anything from routine service calls to complete overhauls. Please contact us and let us get your oilfield equipment back to work.

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